Causes, Symptoms, Transmission and Prevention of Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C Disease
Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV = Hepatitis C virus). Hepatitis C virus entry into liver cells, using genetic machinery within the cell to duplicate the  Hepatitis  C virus and then infect many other cells.

15% of cases of Hepatitis C infection is acute, meaning that the body automatically clean and no consequences. Unfortunately 85% of cases, hepatitis C infection becomes chronic and slowly damages the liver  for years. In time, the liver can be damaged to cirrhosis (hardening of the liver), end-stage liver disease and liver cancer.

Causes of Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. Many types of viral hepatitis C. In many cases, the virus enters the body, began life in liver cells, disrupt the normal activity of the cell, then use the genetic machinery within the cell to duplicate the Hepatitis C virus and then infect other healthy cells.

good Health
Metals in Your Body
To perform its function properly, our bodies need good nutrition. Substances that the body needs not only in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, or vitamins. Various metallic substance is also necessary for the body work properly. Any metal that the body needs? What is its function? How many are needed for the body?

Various metallic substance the body needs are:

Iron (Fe)
  • Function of iron: Carries oxygen from the lungs throughout the body and eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Effect if the deficiency: The bottom eyelid pale and easily tired.

Cycling For Healhty
If you are lazy to exercise, cycling can be an interesting exercise to try. Bicycling will be lighter because without you have moved the body feels while to enjoy the scenery around. What do you get from cycling? How to choose a suitable bike?

The results obtained from cycling in particular will tighten as the lower calf muscles, thighs and hips. Bicycling can burn calories by 300 to 700 calories per hour. So, it will be useful for you who want to lose weight. In addition, cycling can increase lung volume to 50% so that the oxygen that can fit more.

For obese people, cycling is a sport that is recommended for cycling are relatively safe compared to most sports that require running or jumping. Conflicts due to running or jumping can cause injury to the legs, waist, back for those who are obese because the excess weight makes impact even harder. Bicycling is also good for those who have heart disease.

beautiful eyes tips
Beautiful Eye
The eyes are the face of the most attention. One's feelings can be seen from her eyes so that this organ is called the window of the liver. Beautiful eyes are part of an attraction for the appearance of a woman, that is why in makeup, eye makeup generally needs a long time. However, the eye also has a variety of problems that can make the face is not fresh. That's why you must treat this window as well as possible liver.

Eye Problems:

Appearance of your eyes would need to be kept attractive and beautiful. The eyes can convey a lot of things, including your personality. Therefore, analyze the problems that occur on your eyes if you start to look unattractive. Some of the problems that generally occur in the appearance of the eye such as described below.

jogging and exercise
Sports are very much beneficial for our bodies. For healthy, sporting activities became a mandatory thing to do. Exercise is also often done to lose weight. No less important, exercise is also beneficial for beauty. The positive impact sports will be visible on your skin. A healthy and fresh skin will certainly add beauty.

Sports are very much beneficial for our bodies. For healthy, sporting activities became a mandatory thing to do. Exercise is also often done to lose weight. No less important, exercise is also beneficial for beauty. The positive impact sports will be visible on your skin. A healthy and fresh skin will certainly add beauty.

  • Help remove toxins and free radicals from the body.
    Cigarette smoke, air pollution or chemicals in beauty products have a bad impact on our skin. Free radicals damage the skin due to it so that it can cause wrinkles or spots.

Nature for beauty
Natural Beauty Secrets
Natural beauty, of course it is looking for every woman. However, in their daily life, women are familiar with the make-up. Unfortunately, the content of chemicals commonly used in cosmetics women. Chemicals are used to help maintain  quality,  preserve  and enhance the efficacy  of cosmetic itself. Use of appropriate chemicals (not harmful) and in the correct dosage is one requirement for an effective product to beautify the face.

However, the use of natural ingredients  for beauty can minimize side effects than chemicals. That is why, many cosmetic products  that use  organic  ingredients. For natural beauty, you can take advantage of  existing  materials  in the  kitchen  or home. Natural materials  such as  these, generally have few side effects  also can make you beautiful without spending  much money. What are the materials? And what are the benefits?

Bananas and Beauty
Bananas and Beauty
The following article is an advanced  article  bananas  benefits  as a natural remedy, this time more specifically  the efficacy of bananas  for beauty treatments and dietary benefits of banana juice.

Banana for beauty:

  • Moisturize dry skin. Take the banana fruit to taste, grind until smooth. Add two tablespoons of olive oil, apply evenly to the face that previously had been cleaned. Let it dry kira2 20 minutes. Rinse with clean water. Do it every day.
  • Remove acne scars or chicken pox marks. Take part in the gold banana skin, rubbing in the face, allow a moment to dry and then wash with water. Apply to acne scars disappear. Facial skin will be smooth and fast.
  • Skin smoothing hand and foot. Rub the inside of the banana skin on the hands and feet, rough / broken. Do it every day.

Beauty Tips
Diet and Beauty
According to Lisa Drayer, MA, RD, in The Beauty Diet, certain foods rich in nutrients and micronutrien who need the body to keep cells fresh and in good repair.

To get the skin soft, smooth, thick glossy hair, smooth nails, bright eyes and brilliant smile, need care from the inside of the right nutrients.

The following foods are recommended:

Wild Salmon.

Salmon, especially wild species, including the healthiest foods.
Even more fun is, this pink fish meal can enhance beauty.
Salmon including the best dietary sources of omega-3 fatty acids, fat nutritious that improve health and appearance by fighting inflammation, maintain healthy cells, increase circulation and help the brain to function optimally.

Cleansing Face
Cleansing Face
Tip this time I want to lay out the facial skin care the natural way. Let the skin of the girl who was confused to find the article, these tips should be considered. These tips are easy, cost effective and efficacious course properties. Natural materials used are materials used tea bags. Maybe for you guys who are confused what the purpose of this article, click here.

Many girls who do not know the efficacy of this former tea bags, but can make the skin fresh face, the face could be more bright and radiant. But one thing to consider is to use tea bags which is already in use, do not they are new. Unfortunately, it can be made to drink when it was new. Following ways:
  • Use a cleansing milk or can be called with a milk cleanser to clean skin in a flat face.

Healthy Tips
Healthy Tips
You probably have often listened to this advice. On several occasions seminars or lectures about healthy way of life would have alluded to these four tips. Some of us do indeed have the discipline but not the least of neglect.

Did you know that if you execute it with discipline four tips you will avoid the risk factors for chronic diseases that kill as many as 80%?

Many studies have noted that those who implement healthy lifestyle in their daily life will be spared from some chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Recent research done in Germany with mengampil sample of 23,513 adults between the ages of 35 to 65 years. The research began in the mid 90s. Variables of interest included weight and height, history of previous illness, and the foods they consume.

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